How Preferences Change !?

​Yesterday, I was standing outside the medical store waiting for my turn to buy some medicines.

There was an old man, with white beard, wearing old almost-torn clothes  standing in front. 
Storekeeper brought a big medical box to counter after reading the prescription.

“350 ₹…” He said.

Old man take out money from his pocket. It was 310 ₹ somehow ..
“This is all I have…  I will pay the  remaining amount soon … We are staying at hospital !” He said.
Storekeeper smirked, grabbed the box and placed it back in cupboard.

Old man was stunned.. May be thinking what to do… tears started gathering in his eyes.
One gentleman standing there said,

“Take the remaining amount with my bill… give him that box”.

Storekeeper handed the box to old man, took the cash.
“Son, How to feed this powder to baby ? he is just 2 days old” old man inquired.
“This is not for the baby… This is for his mother”.

“Oh ! Then take this… I’ll buy this later”, old man returned the box.
Storekeeper pissed off.. returned the money with anger in his eyes.

Old man gave the money back to that gentleman & started to walk off..
I asked the old man, walking with him,

“Why you returned the box ..?”
Wiping the sweat he said ..

“I thought it’s for my little angel, Why medicines for his mother ? She is fine now.. If we need to buy medicines for baby, who will give us money for that ??”
I was left with no words … My mind was filled with many thoughts .
How situations make man so calculative ?

How the preferences change ?

How the flow of love changes direction so quickly ??

Does poverty make men so hard-hearted to take such decisions ??
All this questions made me feel numb.

How small their needs are.. how calmly the old man take that decision. Without making issue, No anger for storekeeper.
Accepting the situation, old man decided his preferences. I was walking with all this things going through my mind.
“Hey, leave the road, fool” rant from rickshaw driver take me back to reality.

My eyes started looking for the old man. But he was lost in the hospital crowd.
“This is life !” I said like nothing happened.
– Mahesh Mali,


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27 thoughts on “How Preferences Change !?

  1. Nice post,Mahesh!
    I do see a lot of this happen,being in the medical fraternity myself and it deeply saddens me but then again there is little we can do.Maternal care is of extreme importance for the well being of the baby,but they’d never buy it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. True buddy!
        Oh and please don’t call me sir,I’m very much a student as you are,only in a field that sees this a bit too often,therefore felt a need of expressing what I see on a frequent basis.
        Anyways,here’s wishing you and all the co-authors on this blog the bests of luck for this new site! Stay blessed 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very true. We often crib and whine about our life.. but w forget to see that how some other people who are more unfortunate than us are dealing with it more maturedly. There is a thing to learn from this post. Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yup, circumstances change our perception but most of all, I think what that person is going through that particular moment we all cant understand & sometimes it becomes too difficult to become the third person yet we have to try to contemplate what and why is that happening!
    P.S thanks for the follow.. i love the way you wrote about it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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