Flame of Inspiration

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

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Firstly, my warm wishes for all of you on this New Year 2017 and days are filled with new hopes, resolutions, expectations, and achievements. And, I am presuming that you all have sought out your previous balance sheets of Relationships, making it completely settled. Right? ;P

So, we can say that we have soo much in our minds for the remaining twelve months of 2017, but going step by step is all that we need to accomplish them. Right now we have our ‘Bloggers  Choice Awards’ on which we need to *** on. All the nominees have to keep hoping for the Best. Then, what about the ones who are not nominated for the awards?

Cheer up!!!

Start voting for the nominations and keep in trying to post your best on your amazing blogs to shine in ‘Bloggers Choice Awards 2018’.

Talking about the quote written on the top, I feel almost everyone wishes to become a source of light in someone else’s darkness. When you say this, you must also be knowing that the candle melts itself in order to give light. If you agree to this concept then there is no problem in helping others to glow their candle as well. There’s no harm! Or is it? (P.S. Feel free to share, if you think of any!)

Here on WordPress, all the Bloggers are just like the Alphabetic Candles, who are helping the new candle (New Bloggers) to glow as bright as possible. And, that’s the reason why the ‘Bloggers United’ has come up with an idea of felicitating all the fantastic bloggers in the new year. Hope it goes on and on!

S T A Y  C O N N E C T E D!

#Keep glowing and keep shinning!

All The Best!!!


6 thoughts on “Flame of Inspiration

  1. The practicality of the quote that you used has nothing wrong with it, until and unless you sustain yourself and not melt completely in order to enlighten others’ path. I am saying this based on experience of very important person of my life. She can be the next ‘Mother Teresa’, if given chance. Yes, she is that kind and helpful. But at times she helps someone in such a way that she loses a part of herself (i.e. procure harm for herself) during the process, which I just cannot come into terms with.
    This is why I believe we should glow others lives by retaining our own flame high and bright.
    But yeah, in case of blogging, I don’t think one can harm oneself in any way by helping new bloggers. So melting ourselves will work here. 😉

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