So lately I have been hearing a lot of these cheating cases by my friends and it is somewhat so strange. Now it is a certain thing that one cannot judge anyone’s situation at that phase. The main concern that people have is why do they cheat? What do they get after cheating? I have heard girls saying he wasn’t my types so I dumped him or I just started seeing someone else and he was way to cuter than him? Also boys do the same, there is no partiality in this matter. But are you serious? Was it even love? No it wasn’t, it was his/her stupidity or may be that person was not on the right track. It’s true that love doesn’t require any sort of age factor but one needs to be mature enough to live in such relationships. There is a huge difference between attraction and love so get attracted to the person who loves you and don’t love a person who is attracted to you. Don’t play with someone’s heart it is as precious as yours and so are the feelings.

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Loving someone is like giving half of your life to them. They are destined to feel you, love you and appreciate your perfect imperfections. Don’t hurt them and even if you are caught in some wrong relations, try not hurting them because once you leave them, their soul dies inside, they feel helpless and what not. Try to make that person better rather than filling them with all that hate, try motivating them for their life. Life can be filled with so many distractions, but remember this simple truth: You are here to love, and the most powerful and transforming love is manifested when you begin by loving yourself.

Also please share your views on this topic! And do let me know if you want me to write some certain topic related to this matter.

p.s- I may be right or wrong, these are my personal views!

Till then be happy:)

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