It isn’t really The End❤ Guest Post#2

It isn’t really The End. ❤

It is not the ending that will haunt you,
But, the space where it may lie.
The things that simply faded without one final wave of goodbye.
Forgetting things you were sure you knew.
Or the books with torn out pages.
Or a question with no answer.
Forever in the corners
of our consciousness, they sit.
But, may be,
What if,
Those spaces are bliss for the moments.
May be those unsaid goodbyes are the proof that
*It isn’t really the end.*
May be, forgetting is the proof that
the room of faith, hope and magic is powerful enough to let a miracle happen.
May be the torn pages were just pages of the wrong books.
Cause darling,
You make Your World and We all are eventually One.
Happiness, love, gratitude are forever
and hard times just a temporary discomforts.
May be,
The un-answered question is the actual answer, that,
*It isn’t really the end.* 💕

- Kinjal Parekh.❤👑

A Sparkling Poem written by KinjalParekh

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