Her Sweet Surrender ❤

My heartbeat quickened,

And breath was stolen at her gaze,
As I saw her biting her bottom lip.

Involuntarily, I moved closer to her,

She slipped paean into my

ear and chiseled hymns into my soul.

Her magical touch, a passionate kiss,

And my soul slipped out in exhaled ecstasy.
I tasted her sweet tongue while dancing to the rhythm of our synchronized heart beats.

I tried to read the braille engraved on her spine, First with fingertips, later by caressing her skin with my lips.
Then I wrote poetry across her skin,

a tingling, a thrum,

and a quaking rivaling volcanic eruptions.
She would bow to no one,

But she kneel before me.

It was her sweet surrender,

but I was one who had defeated,

As I lost my redeemed heart to her, once again.

– Mahesh Mali.

awesomengers.wordpress.com )

Copyrighted © 2016-17 Mahesh Mali | Awesomengers 


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28 thoughts on “Her Sweet Surrender ❤

  1. OMG! 😃 I am mesmerized after reading this poem. It’s magic! Huh, looks like Mr Positive is drunk on poetry these days. 😻😂 But, how beauuuutifully you’ve expressed your emotions. I am sooo happy to read something this beautiful in a long long time. ☺☺

    Those phrases are LOVE, seriously. It’s like you’ve decorated your poem with them. “my soul slipped out in exhaled ecstasy”, this is so fascinating! And this one, “tried to read the braille engraved on her spine,” OMG! Hehe, you make your readers fall in love with your imagination. 💙

    And my favourite, this one, “Then I wrote poetry across her skin”. I am spellbound, Mr Positive! You’ve reached another level of writing, like every next poem that you write is better than the previous one. 😇 I love them all alike, but this one’s my mosttttt favourite. It feels like each word speaks stories for itself. 😃

    Cheers to your beautiful rhymes, to your lovely imagination, to your heartfelt emotions, to those magical phrases, hehe, and to the power of your writing. ☺☺

    Haha, I wrote so much. 😸 I know you don’t like praises, but I really wanted to let you know how beautiful this poem is. Abi toh sunna padega. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And as always I’m confused about “how to reply such lovely comment ?”
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much Chandni 🙂 supportive friends like you are the reason why I’m trying to write something good everytime ..!

      Liked by 1 person

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