A letter to my 9 year-old nephew on his birthday


My Dear Upamanyu,

Wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hugs! More hugs! and Mmmmmuaaaah! Lots and lots of love from T-Moni.

It seems like only yesterday when I cradled you in my arms and sang a lullaby! Time flies! And today, a fine young gentleman of nine is reading this! A young man who knows his numbers, plays chess tournaments, is a star soccer player and more. Whoa! I am so proud of you my little champ! Manage your mischief with the swish of a wand! I wish you lots of fun and frolic, may you laugh till your cheeks hurt, and play till you drop on the couch! Hi-fi on that!

Well, this is a small gift from me – which will reach you soon in the form of a hand-written letter. It may not seem much today, but trust me, you will understand its value, in the years…

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