About Bloggers U.

​Bloggers United (BU) is a community-driven group formed to unite bloggers to establish camaraderie among them, to improve blogging skills of members.
Bloggers U. believe in the open sharing of information, but we are also aware of the need to give credit to original content where it is due not required. The following is a list of bloggers, with links to their respective blogs, who have established an agreement with BU to publish their content on our site.

Note, we are working with these bloggers because their ideals align with ours and their entries And their entries match up to the quality we require. If you would like contribute your blog’s content on a guest-post basis to BU, please contact us at bloggers.united0@gmail.com for more details.


12 thoughts on “About Bloggers U.

    1. We have FB page and FB group called ‘Bloggers Connection’ , But I’m not quite sure whether you are referring our page/group or some othe community with similar name.

      Thank you for stopping by … Keep Blogging !!

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      1. It’s called Bloggers United! It started at the end of 2016 by a couple of bloggers whom I know. I post some of my posts on that FB page. I’m not aware of your page. When I look at the nominees, I only recognize one, so how do we know where to look for you. Now I found you, because the one blogger I know would like to get votes. What you are doing is wonderful. More bloggers would like to know about you!

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      2. I tried to vote for one blogger that I know Apparently, I have to vote for all categories. Even in general election in US, I don’t vote for people I don’t know. Since I just met your group, I wouldn’t have time to visit all the blogs to get to know them to vote. At least in US, we have a voting guide to read about the candidates. So I’m sorry not being about to vote for one blogger. Thank you for all the links!

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      3. Thank you for taking time to share your views. Well, we have kept voting open for a week, just to let people visit blogs they haven’t visited yet.
        But, I would like to use the idea of voting guide to implement in this initiative.

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