​After a darkest hour, just when I was shattered on the floor, A moment before i close my eyes at the end of the day, I looked outside the window for a second, There was no one to give me a hand, Sun was still burning inside forbidding cold on land, The hill beside river isn’t gonna rest like ever, Cold breeze coming from forest … Continue reading Usual.

The Great Shreya Sharma 

We’ve been keeping eye on bloggers from last year ……and we’ve got so much brilliance out here. Bloggers are coming with thier different ideas and thoughts on WordPress and it is very wonderful for the readers. Some of the bloggers we’ve nominated this time and as per public demand we are declaring results of 3 awards from it. Here are the results. One and only … Continue reading The Great Shreya Sharma 


​Seeing it in mind with carrying empty heart  Living the same dream over and over again at each night  Loving the same person more and more burning your inside each day  Sitting in the corner of coffeehouse wondering favorite things  While people around me speaks only same things  How can I compare anything ? When Happiness and pain does not match at end of the … Continue reading Theater