​After a darkest hour, just when I was shattered on the floor, A moment before i close my eyes at the end of the day, I looked outside the window for a second, There was no one to give me a hand, Sun was still burning inside forbidding cold on land, The hill beside river isn’t gonna rest like ever, Cold breeze coming from forest … Continue reading Usual.

A Tiny Tale#2 Guest Post#5

The tears that betrayed – a tiny tale She didn’t try to hold back the tears, even as they threatened to burst her emotional dam. The fresh tear tracks betrayed her pretended indifference. Occasionally fiction managed to shatter her walls, and transformed the self-proclaimed cynic into a hopeless romantic. – Shweta Suresh A beautiful tale by Shweta Suresh – My Random Ramblings. ( Check her blog … Continue reading A Tiny Tale#2 Guest Post#5

A Tiny Tale- Guest Post#4

“Happy are those, who bring prosperity.” They said. A poor family felt elated as they gathered for meal. The rich man ate alone and felt desolate as he planned for his next deal. The irony lies here… A beautiful tale by shonessa ( Venessa Gomes) Check her blog for more such beautiful work. Keep on sharing your work to get featured on our blog as well as … Continue reading A Tiny Tale- Guest Post#4